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In line with the vision and expansionist policy of its CEO, CAFSHIP Transport and Logistics is in the process of launching The BAMENDA DRY PORT. The necessary groundwork has been laid, the land acquired and all administrative formalities fulfilled. This highly-laudable project by a son of the North-West Region has received the approval and blessings of the Minister for Transport, and now pending the granting of the Operational License for the Dry Port activities to kick-start.

Given that the North-West Region of Cameroon and its neighbouring West Region are landlocked, relying upon the maritime access of the Littoral and South-West Regions, the coming of the Bamenda Dry Port is a welcome relieve to the entire population of the North-West Region and its environs, as this will greatly enhance and facilitate Port activities, minimize trade bottlenecks, reduce costs and create employment opportunities, in line with the Head of State’s Emergence Vision 2035. By adding value further up the supply chain, the Bamenda Dry Port project will sustain a variety of small businesses. It will improve the movement of imports and exports, moving the time-consuming sorting and processing of containers away from the congested Douala Sea Port.

Recently the Douala Sea Port has been suffering from over-congestion. The launching of the Bamenda Dry Port will no doubt be a welcome sigh of relief to the Government of Cameroon that has been seeking solutions towards decongesting the Douala Sea Port. The transit time at the Douala Sea Port for Containers destined for the West and North-West Regions will reduce, and free more space for other cargo.

The Bamenda Dry Port will also handle traffic on the Bamenda – Enugu Corridor. This will facilitate and improve on efforts in collecting Customs revenue and associated taxes.